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Cheap prices don't mean cheap quality especially with our top quality but cheap tablecloths.

Made with premium quality and long wearing visa polyester heavy-weight fabric, perfect for weddings and banquets, get fantastic wholesale table linens prices, discount coupons, and FREE SHIPPING.

Our cheap tablecloths are made with premium 100% visa polyester, a thick, durable and heavy weight fabric suitable for use in the hospitality industry 200/220GSM, preferred by restaurants and hotels.

These tablecloths look great when used with our organza table overlays which are made of nylon and polyester acrylic fiber. The texture of the overlay is mostly grainy and the transparency is due to the gap between the threads. There is a technique to weave such clothes and especially the layer on such clothes is single. It makes the cloth transparent.

So when we put it on top of tablecloth it brings out a gradient of the tablecloth color mixed with the organza color. The mix and match if done with some thought process can make a table look magical and inviting. The question that still might be haunting you is when to use organza tablecloth overlays.

(in addition to our other colors, we now offer these new colors... Fuchsia, Eggplant, Black/White Checkered, Blue/White Checkered, Red/White Checkered, and Willow Green)

Tablecloths Color Chart

Cheap tablecloths that are perfect for restaurants, catering, banquets, and other social events. Shop for the best in cheap tablecloths. Also extremely suitable to use as your discount wedding tablecloths.